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*Volume I: Facing Recognition (Audiobook)

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The initial installment of the "Alpha Blood - The Battle For Sanguis" series, titled "Volume I: Facing Recognition," delves into the present and recent history. This book serves as an introduction to some of the key players and the plot, as well as providing insight into how past events have led to the current circumstances.

In a world where technological advancements have reached new heights, the "undead" struggle to remain inconspicuous. Additionally, there is a distinct quality within the younger generation that has yet to be fully revealed but is gradually becoming apparent.

This marks the beginning of a collection that will combine ancient legends with modern occurrences, causing you to question many so called conspiracies.


This is a story in the making, a tale that in itsel will become IMMORTAL!



This is a downloadable Audiobook file. Once purchase is made you will be able to download  file. It will be in MP3 Zip file form which is readable by most smart phone, tablet, kindle, desktop and other devices.  

Listening Length: 3hrs & 31 minutes


Narrators: C.M.. James, Karla P. Alphonso P, Janice R.

Release date: 02/14/2024

© C.M. James, 2024 Published By "Speak With My Assistant LLc"* Alpha Blood - The Battle For Sanguis. All rights reserved. Neither this book, nor any parts within it may be sold, shared, or reproduced in any form without permission.


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