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Credit Assistance and Consulting

Here at Speak With My Assistant, we understand the importance of good credit. One of our most popular services is our Credit Assistance program. Our Virtual Credit Assistants offer comprehensive credit consulting to help you improve your credit and achieve your credit goals. We provide personalized guidance and education so you can continue to improve your credit long after our assistance. 

 It's important to note that we are not a credit repair company. Unlike repair companies, we don't stretch out the process just to lock you into monthly subscriptions nor do we "repair" your credit for you. Our focus is on providing you with the education and tools you need to take control and to improve your credit in as little time as possible. 

Our Credit Assistance Plans


$69.99 monthly

Basic Credit Assistant Plan

  1. Credit Crash course

  2. Monthly Credit report assessment

  3. Simple Credit building tools 

  4. Credit coaching


$99.99 monthly

Extended Credit Assesment

  1. Credit Crash course

  2. Weekly Credit report assessment

  3. BasicCredit building tools

  4. Credit Coaching 

  5. Collection Assessment 

  6. Dispute templates 


$99.99 monthly


  1. Credit Crash course

  2. Unlimited Credit report assessment

  3. Credit building tools max

  4. Credit Coaching 

  5. Collection Assessment 

  6. Dispute templates 

  7. Credit Option Lists and Instructions.

  8. 1 Tradeline

Credit Assessment

In order to improve your credit it's important to understand it first. Most people don't really know where to start or what to do to begin improving it. We have found that majority of our clients credit is not as bad as they think it is and/or can be improved a lot quicker than expected. 

So we've created a credit assessment questionnaire to better understand and determine what steps to take. Following the assessment we do what we call a credit diagnosis and then our consultation program.

So first things first. Click below to take our credit assessment questionnaire. You then will get a general diagnosis of your credit and some basic things that can be done to start improving it. Keep in my those are only general steps and will not determine specifics because each persons credit profile is different. So that's where we come in to better explain those specifics and go over our credit assistance plans.

So lets get started... 


Credit maginfying glass
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