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Beta Readers Club

At Speak With My Assistant, we believe reading and reviewing books is a great way to improve our minds, further enhancing our lives. As a member of our club, you'll have access to exciting titles and participate in discussions about those books you have just read.. Best of all, it's completely free to join AND to be a member!


As a member of my Beta Reader Club, you'll be the first to discover new and emerging authors and their latest books. We'll provide exclusive access to eBooks and audiobooks in different genres. All you need to do is read or listen and then leave a review on the platform requested. Our program is new and expanding, so you'll always have something new to enjoy. 


So, submit the beta readers submission form below and watch your inbox for the welcome email once approved. The email will include links to titles along with promotional codes that you can use to read the book for free. From there you will read the book, then tell us what you think by submitting your review on specified platforms instructed in the email.

Beta Readers Submission Form

Do you currently have any of these accounts? Check each that apply.
Preferred readding format(s)
Which book genres do you enjoy reading?

Alpha Blood - The Battle for Sanguis. Volume I: Facing Recognition (video promo) (release date: 02/14/2024)

Alpha Blood - The Battle for Sanguis. Volume II: The Diaeta Assembly (video promo)
(release date 05/15/2024

Thank you. One of our Virtual Assistants will reach out to you soon.


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