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Beta Authors Club

Our Beta Authors Club membership is perfect for writers looking to receive feedback on their work before it's released or after publication. We have a team of experienced readers who will provide reviews and feedback on various platforms requested by the author. We aim to help new and established authors navigate the ever-changing landscape of the self-publishing world, eventually with ease.

At Speak With My Assistant, we understand that reviews are crucial to your success as an author. That's why we offer the Beta Author Membership program. Our Beta Readers club members are anxious and ready to discover your work and give the best feedback possible. Whether it's to offer input in areas needed to improve parts of your work, increase your visibility, or assist with building your author brand. 

The goal is to help authors like you get the recognition you deserve. With our free 30-day membership trial, you can showcase your work to readers who will give you the feedback you need to succeed. So if you're a writer or author, submit your form today and see how easy it is to take your writing to the next level.

Beta Authors Form

Do you currently have an author account with any of these websites? Check each that apply.
Which book genre or genres do you write?
If you answered YES or MAYBE for self publishing assistance, which of our service(s) would you be interested in using?
Which formats do you publish or prefer

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