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Alpha Blood

The Battle For Sanguis

Volume 1: Facing Recognition


February 14th:
Valentine's Day!
Pre-order TODAY and receive our early bird discount!
book cover 1
We proudly introduce "Alpha Blood", our inaugural release novel series.

Behold, this is no ordinary tale of vampires. We assure you, there exists none like it. This is NOT a Romance story, yet with all the evil that is uncovered, there is love. This work of fiction is a blend of terror, tension, enigma, intrigue, conspiracy, and authentic vampire lore intertwined with present-day realities. All bundled up into one gory spectacle! Despite some events in this series having already occurred, it remains an unfolding tale. It is happening currently, tomorrow, and until victory is achieved in the Battle for Sanguis.

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Check out some of the press release and promotional ads so far. It's set to be a long and enjoyable series.

The Poem

Every Saga has a home

Plot 1

Snippets from the audiobook! 
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